Mega Gemstone Dig Kit

When Crafting Comes To Your Life


Want to DIY the day away at affordable prices or accompany kids to make amazing creative project with various crafting supplies ? Get awesome and exciting crafts and craft ideas for kids on Almightyfive to spark their creativity and imagination. Spend time with your little ones creating your own superhero crafts and becoming superhero buddies.

Dinosaur Eggs Toys

So what are our craft supplies? From Acrylic Paint Brushes and Dry Erase Markers to various Painting Stickers and embellishments, our collection includes countless ways to fill youngster's hearts and minds with easy, great fun.

Acrylic Paint Brushes Set


It's a touch of Washi Tape here, a dab of Fluff Cotton Sand there. It's pretty projects and dashing DIY decor, made just to your liking. Crafting is creativity come alive! Happiness starts here!

Watercolor Paint Trays