FIVE Fun Summer Activities for Children

FIVE Fun Summer Activities for Children

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Parents are constantly looking for interesting summer activities for their kids. Whether its a locally organized summer camp, sport & outdoor activities, arts and crafts events, there is no shortage of summer activities and kid entertainment that you can fill each summer day with. New, let me introduce Five summer ideas for your kids.


  • Swimming Pool Game

Of all the places to get wet, this is the most popular. Take your kids to visit a pool and play toss in the water. Have them dive for objects or float around on noodle or tube. Swimming is the ultimate kids summer activity. We provide high quality swimming equipment for adults: Giant Inflatable Mermaid Tail Pool Float and children: Baby Swimming Float to give you the best swimming experience while keeping you and your children safe.

  • Homemade Playdough

This can be done in less than 10 minutes and is very easy to make. Check out this recipe from a fellow mother on how to make colorful playdough with your kiddos. A little hard to make? Don't worry, Almightyfive sells Cotton Sand (12 pack) made from non-toxic materials. You and your child can play with ease.

  • Make Water Bags

Have a blast busting this water balloons. The only exception? It’s filled with water! Let your kids have fun filling it up with water and then hitting it to feel the homemade waterfall!


  • Dig for Fossils

Parents, this will mean you’ll have to prep, but the fun your kids will have is a lasting effect. Bury different items in dirt-filled shoeboxes and have your kids discover different items! We also have Archaeology Educational excavation set which is different from the science books, the dinosaur egg excavation kit encourages children to learn about the science of paleontology with fun via digging up the dinosaur egg.

  • Plant Flowers or Vegetables

Use the summer to teach your kids how to plant! Plant flowers or vegetables in your flower bed or in a pot by your home. They can water it every day and watch them bloom!

Looking for more summer activities for kids? We have so many to choose from!

What summer activities for kids are you going to start with first?